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China’s Human Settlement Environment Obviously Improved
According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction, China’s human settlements has been obviously improved in recent years with thanks to village renovation and the establishment of the new mechanism for public facilities and services in the country.

Based on related statistics, the total investment in village and town construction of China reached 690.4 billion yuan (RMB) in 2007, among which 132 billion was used for the construction of public facilities. By the end of 2007, the construction area of residence per capita in villages and towns reached 29.2 m2, while the water supply rate and the gas supply rate in the built-up area of towns was 76.6%, and 43.1% respectively, and the water supply rate in the villages was 44.7%. Moreover, about 49% of the villages were accessible by bus, and 26.8% had household garbage collection. It can be seen that the farmers’ production and living environment has been improved to a considerable extent.

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