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China’s Population to Reach 1.45 billion in 2020
Recently, in his speech delivered on the Forum of Reform and Opening-up and Population Development, Mr. LI Bin, the Chief of the National Population and Family Planning Committee, claimed that China will see the coming of the three peaks of total population, labor force, and aged population in the first half of this century. And the task of coordinating the issues concerning population will be considerably difficult. It is anticipated that by 2020, China’s population will rise to 1.45 billion, and then reach the peak of 1.5 billion around 2033.

According to Mr. CHEN Li, Head of Planning and Information Department of National Population and Family Planning Committee, the population of China is already larger than 1.3 billion nowadays, and there will be a demographic increase of 200 million in the future 30 years, then plus the 300 million immigration from the countryside, there will be about 500 million people to be settled on the limited usable territory.

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