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Beijing Accelerates Development of Rail Transport
According to Beijing Municipal Committee of Communication, Beijing will invest at least 170 billion yuan (RMB) in the construction of a rail transport network which is 561 km long in total.

It is revealed that, including the newly opened No. 10 subway line and the airport rail line, Beijing has finished the construction of the rail transportation lines of 200 km long, which cover an area of a radius of 30 km from Tian’anmen Square. It means that the goal for the first phase objective of rail transport construction has been basically realized. Besides, in order to make full use of the existing railways and to build up an advanced rail transport network with the smallest investment, Beijing will construct five suburban railway lines to Mentougou, Miyun, Daxing, and Fangshan respectively before 2020.

According to the plan, Beijing will establish a rail transport network of “three rings, four east-west lines, five south-north lines, and seven radiant lines” by 2015, with a static investment of almost 170 billion yuan (RMB) and a dynamic investment of about 273 billion yuan (RMB).

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