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Annual Conference of China City Planning 2008 Held in Dalian
From Sept. 19 to 21, 2008, the Annual Conference of China City Planning 2008 was held in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian. This is a grand gathering of more than 2,000 domestic and international professionals in the field of planning and leaders from different levels.

On the opening ceremony, ZHOU Ganzhi, President of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) delivered a speech. The Urban Planning Society of China also granted the awards to winners of the Third “Seeking Truth Forum” Theses Competition, the Excellent Workers of UPSC, and the Outstanding Organization Award of Annual Conference of China City Planning. XIA Deren, Mayor of Dalian, WANG Zhenggang, Head of Construction Department of Liaoning Province, Pierre Laconte, President of International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) also addressed speeches on the opening ceremony.

The main theme of this conference is Urban and Rural Planning in Eco-cultural perspective. On the plenary meeting of the Conference on Sept. 19, QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of China’s Housing and Urban and Rural Construction, Anthony G. O. Yeh, Professor of Hong Kong University, XIE Yang, Research Fellow of Rural Economy Research Department of Development Research Center of China’s State Council, LI Deren, member of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Wuhan University, LI Xiaojiang, Director of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design and Vice Director of Urban Planning Society of China, MOU Guangfeng, Inspector from Department of Environmental Impact Evaluation and Management of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, LI Jiangfan, Director of Third Industry Research Center and Professor of Management School of Sun Yet-sen University addressed respectively on Solving Difficulties of Post-disaster Planning and Construction of Sichuan by Learning from Japan, Land-use and Urban Transportation, Urban and Rural Integration and Environmental-Friendliness, Multi-system Integrated Urban Information System, Practice of and Reflections on Reconstruction Planning for May 12 Earthquake, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Construction of Environmental-friendly Cities, and Modern Service Industry and Urban Economic Development.

The parallel sessions were organized during Sept. 20 to 21, focusing on 12 key issues about urban development including master planning, urban infrastructure and public security, eco-planning, detailed planning and urban design, historic and cultural protection and urban regeneration, tourism planning, small town and village planning, planning management, road and transportation planning, industrial zone planning, urban planning theory and regional planning, etc., on which 153 theses were read out and discussed. Six free forums were also organized, on which participators discussed actively the hot topics in the planning field, including duty and role of planning in urban and rural housing urban planning implementation, opportunities and innovation, brought by important events, challenges and solutions faced by urban security, review and prospect for the 30 years’ reform and opening up, problems and solutions of detailed control planning, etc., with a great success through broad communication and exchange of creative ideas and unique thoughts. During the conference, the theme exhibition titled “Eco-culture and Urban Future” was held, which was attended by many famous planning and design institutes from both home and abroad.

The Annual Conference of China City Planning 2008 was sponsored by the UPSC in collaboration with the municipal government of Dalian and the Construction Department of the provincial government of Liaoning. Totally 569 theses from the 1092 submissions were selected for the Proceedings of Annual Conference of China City Planning 2008, which has been published by Dalian Press already.

Almost at the same time of the conference, the 44th ISOCARP Congress was also held in Dalian. As an activity of both two conferences, the UPSC and ISOCARP organized the theme congress named “Master Plan: Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development”, introducing the practice of planning of both domestic and overseas cities including Dalian, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Warsaw, Antwerp, etc. International masters like Jacques Herzog, Cesar Pelli gave speeches on the congress.

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