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National People’s Congress Reviews Implementation of 11th Five-year Plan
Lately, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China reviewed the mid-term report of the State Council on the implementation of the Outline 11th Five-year Plan. ZHANG Ping, Director of the State Development and Reform Commission, indicated in the report that, generally speaking, the implementation of the Outline Plan in the past two years is quite satisfying. Most of the 22 key indexes of socio-economic development fixed by the Outline Plan reach the expected targets, while the issues concerning agriculture, countryside, and farmers are strengthened, the industrial structure is optimized and upgraded, the coordination of regional development is enhanced, the work on energy-saving and emission-reduction is boosted, the capacity of self-innovation is gradually promoted, the reform and opening-up is constantly carried forward, and people’s livelihood is further improved.

ZHANG Ping also stressed that, there emerge some unneglectable contradictions and problems during the implementation of the Outline Plan; in particular, the expanding influences of the international financial crisis bring about great challenges for the implementation of the Outline Plan in the following two year. In order to assure the smooth implementation of the Outline Plan, and the eventual completion of various goals and tasks, the following five aspects should be highlighted: firstly, to maintain the stable and rapid economic development through expanding domestic demand; secondly, to enhance the balanced development through promoting self-innovation capacity and optimizing structure; thirdly, to facilitate the transition of economic development mode through reforming resource elements pricing and fiscal system; fourthly, to promote sustainable development capacity through energy-saving and emission-reduction; and fifthly, to guarantee and improve people’s livelihood through constructing a service-oriented government.

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