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11 Departments of State Council Requires Guarantee Land-use Supply and Administration for Purpose of Expanding Domestic Demand
Recently, 11 departments of the State Council of China, including the Ministry of Land and Resources and the State Development and Reform Commission, released an announcement jointly, requiring to strengthen the coordination and monitoring role of land-use planning by accelerating land-use authorization and land supply while strictly protecting farmland, promoting land-saving and intensive land-use, and guaranteeing the lawful benefits of land-deprived farmers.

The announcement stresses that efforts should be put to strengthening the coordinated planning and monitoring of various construction lands used for the purpose of expanding domestic demand, so as to play the coordination and monitoring role of planning. It should assure the effective connection of land-use master plan with other relevant plans of socio-economic development, urban and rural construction, environment protection, industrial development, and infrastructure construction, and the accordance between land-use master plan and city master plan in terms of construction land-use scale and layout. The departments of land and resources of different levels should work in collaboration with other departments concerned in promoting the formulation of new land-use master plan, so as to coordinate the land-use supply in both short- and long-terms and to fix in a comprehensive way the land-use arrangement for the new projects invested by the Central Government under the condition of strictly controlling the total volume of urban and rural construction land-use.

The announcement highlights that the monitoring and guiding role of land-use annual planning should be strengthened. The departments of land and resources and those of development and reform of different levels should formulate the annual land-use plans for 2009 and 2010 in an overall way following the principles of arranging comprehensively while giving priority to key projects and dealing differently with certain projects being assured while others being suppressed, so as to, by strictly implementing the land-use annual plans, ensure the land-use supply for the projects invested by the Central Government and forbid that for the projects of high energy-consumption, high pollution, low-level repetition and over-capacity industries. The land-use authorization and supply for the construction projects for the purpose of expanding domestic demand should be carried out timely and legally. Regarding the new construction projects invested by the Central Government, the land-use authorization should be prepared in advance while the project enters the period of primary design after the investment being approved.

In addition, the announcement emphasizes that the land-use supply and services for the key construction projects should be guaranteed, as well as the construction land-use supply for the projects of affordable housing, farmers’ livelihood, public facility, public welfare, infrastructure, ecological environment, self-innovation, industrial restructuring, and post-disaster reconstruction. The farmland should be strictly protected and the land resources should be used economically and intensively. The procedure of land expropriation should be strictly followed so as to guarantee the lawful benefits and rights of the land-deprived farmers, with them being compensated and resettled in line with the principles that the living level should not be lowered and the long-term livelihood should be ensured. The compensation standard should be set legally and rationally, while the compensation funds should be paid timely and completely. In case that the compensation funds are not paid timely and completely to the land-deprived villages and farmers, the projects will not be authorized for construction.

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