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State Council Approves Outline Plan of Reform and Development of PRDR
Lately, the State Council of China approved the Outline Plan of Reform and Development of Pearl River Delta Region 2008 - 2020, which is formulated under the organization of the State Development and Reform Commission, which defines the role of Pearl River Delta Region (PRDR) as the experiment area of scientific development, the pioneer area of in-depth reform, the important international gateway, the base of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry of the world, and the key economic center of China. It is indicated in the Outline Plan that, by 2020, an industrial structure centered on modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, as well as the world-class innovation capacity of science and technology, will be formed in several phases, making the PRDR one of the most competitive megalopolis of the world through the mutual cooperation and completion among Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao; the GDP per capita then will reach 135,000 yuan (RMB), while the proportion of the added value of service industry will reach 60%. In view that the near location to Hong Kong and Macao is a significant advantage of PRDR’s economic development and the close cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao is an important precondition for PRDR to react to the international financial crisis and to realize new development, the Outline Plan highlights the cooperation among the three areas with new connotations and puts forward specific measures for enhancing infrastructure connection, promoting industrial collaboration, building high-grade living environment, and renovating cooperation methods.

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