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Anthony G. O. Yeh, Member of Chinese Academy of Science and Member of Editorial Board of CCPR, Wins UN-Habitat Lecture Award
Professor Anthony G. O. Yeh, Member of Chinese Academy of Science and Dean of Graduate School and Head of Urban Planning and Design Department of Hong Kong University, recently won the UN-Habitat Lecture Award. As the highest international award in the field of urban planning, the award is released yearly by the UN Habitat to the scholars who make constant and remarkable contributions to the planning and development of human settlements. As the first Chinese scholar who wins the award, Prof. Anthony G. O. Yeh is the leading figure in the field of geographic information system application in urban and regional planning. Till now, he has published 40 books and more than 200 academic papers. He is currently the consultant of the Advisory Council on Land and Construction of Hong Kong, the member of several international associations, as well as the member of the Editorial Board of both City Planning Review and China City Planning Review.

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