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China Promotes Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Eco-environmental Protection Steadfastly
In 2008, China has been steadfastly promoting energy saving, emission reduction and ecological and environmental protection. The Central Government allocated 42.3 billion yuan (RMB) to support the development of ten key energy conservation and environmental protection projects. In the same year, the daily sewage treatment capacity of Chinese cities rose by 11.49 million tons, the desulfurization capacity of coal-fired power plants increased by 97.12 million kilowatts, while the energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 4.59% compared with the previous year; the chemical oxygen demand by 4.42%, and the sulfur dioxide emission by 5.95%. Accumulatively, the energy consumption per unit of GDP dropped by 10.08% in the past three years, the chemical oxygen demand by 6.61%, and the sulfur dioxide emission by 8.95%. At the same time, China furthered the achievements in reclaiming farmlands for forests and livestock pastures to grasslands, carried out a series of ecological conservation projects such as the virgin forests protection and the development of Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve in Qinghai Province, implemented the plan to prevent and control water pollution in major river valleys and major regions, and issued the white paper of China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change.

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