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China’s State Council Announces Second List of Resource-exhausted Cities
Lately, the State Council of China identified for the second time 32 cities as resource-exhausted city, i.e., cities depending on resources that are now exhausted, among which there are nine prefecture-level cities, 17 county-level cities and six municipal districts (see Appendix). It means that, together with the previously identified 12 cities, there are totally 44 cities receiving the special financial support of transfer payments from the Central Government.

In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, the provincial government is responsible for the sustainable development of the resource-based cities with due leadership and support, while the resource-exhausted cities should pay close attention to formulating the development strategies of economic transition, bringing forward the specific programs of economic transformation and sustainable development, and further clarifying the transformation guidelines and development priorities, so as to explore a new way of economic transformation and sustainable development for the resource-based cities of the country.

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