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Largest Investment in Rail Transit Construction Launched in Beijing
In 2009, there will be 13 subway routes constructed in Beijing with an annual investment of over 50 billion yuan (RMB). This will make 2009 the year with the largest annual investment in rail transit construction in the history of Beijing. Currently, a total of seven subway routes including Line 4, the first phase of Line 6, the second phase of Line 8, Line 9, the second phase of Line 10, Line Yizhuang and Line Daxing are under construction, and the construction of another six subway routes, i.e., the first phase of Line 15, Line Changping, Line Fangshan, Line Xijiao, Line 7 and Line 14 will start soon. The total investment for these 13 subway routes will reach 200 billion yuan (RMB) and all the construction will be finished by the year of 2015. Thus from 2009 to 2015, a total of 190 billion yuan (RMB) will be further invested.

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