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State Council Approves General Scheme for Comprehensive Reform Experiment on Urban-Rural Coordination of Chengdu
Recently, the State Council of China approved the General Scheme for Comprehensive Reform Experiment on Urban-Rural Coordination of Chengdu, granting Chengdu permission to conduct pilot experiments on reforms relating to the coordination of urban and rural development in the following nine aspects: establishing a development mechanism that stimulates the sound interaction among the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary industries, creating new urban and rural forms, renovating administrative systems, exploring new measures for farmland protection, promoting land saving and intensive land-use, searching for new approaches for farmers to migrate cities, improving financial service systems, amending employment and social insurance systems, guaranteeing fundamental public services for all, and setting up the institutions and mechanisms that stimulate ecologically sound construction.

It also declares that the finance departments at many administrative levels in the city of Chengdu will invest more than one billion yuan (RMB) on the construction of public utilities in the countryside this year. The increase in expenditures for public utilities will be mainly directed to the countryside until the distribution of public utilities in urban and rural areas is basically even. To the present day, the experiment on property ownership reform in the countryside around Chengdu has been carried out in more than 1,500 villages in 280 towns, as more than 400 thousand farmers have received Farmland Contract Certificates, Rural Construction Land Certificate Licenses, and Rural Housing Property Ownership Certificates.

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