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329,000 Households in 221 Cities to be Covered by Low-rent Housing System
Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released the Announcement on Construction and Implementation of Urban Low-rent Housing System, according to which, by the end of 2005, 221 of the 291 cities (75.9%) at and above municipal level have established low-rent housing system. It is estimated that, up to 2005, the accumulated investment in housing guarantee systems for low-income households was 4.74 billion yuan (RMB) and there were 329, 000 low-income households covered by the low-rent housing system.

Meanwhile, it is stated in the announcement that the low-rent housing system must address the following issues. Firstly, certain areas fail to pay due attention to the construction of low-rent housing system. At present, there are still 13 provinces that have not enacted the low-rent housing system at the municipal (district) or county level, and there are 70 cities above municipal level which have not yet established low-rent housing system at all. Secondly, stable channels to finance low-rent housing have not yet been established and the funds for low-rent housing construction are not fully budgeted in some cities. Thirdly, the current coverage of low-rent housing system is too small to benefit all the qualified low-income households.

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