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National Development and Reform Commission: Increasing Affordable Housing Construction in 2010
The National Development and Reform Work Conference was held in Beijing on Dec. 9, 2009, putting forward eight work focuses for 2010, one of which was to enhance the construction that improves people’s lives. Emphasis should be placed on improving the conditions to run schools in rural and poverty-stricken areas, and promoting the renovation of middle and high schools and the construction of special schools in rural areas of central and western China as well as enhancing the safety of primary and middle schools nationwide. Efforts should be taken to continue to enhance the construction of a basic-level medical service system and family planning service system. Cultural events, sports, and tourism should be fully developed. Public investment that drives employment growth should be put to full use, and the driving role of government investments, the construction of key projects, and industrial planning in employment should be exerted. Government investment should be increased and the construction of affordable housing such as low-rent housing, accelerated. Support should be given to the renovation of urban shantytowns, industrial and mining areas, state-owned forests, reclaimed lands, and coal mines as well as to the reconstruction of ramshackle houses in rural areas. Nomad settlement projects should continue to be put in place. Mr. ZHANG Ping, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on Dec. 9 that China would finalize several housing purchase and control policies, increase the supply of mid- and low-priced housing as well as commercial housing with price ceilings, and restrain the speculative purchase of houses.

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