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China to Invest 90 billion yuan (RMB) to Control Water Pollution
During the Fourth International Conference for China Urban Water Development held from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2009, Vice Minister WU Xiaoqing of the Environmental Protection Bureau revealed that in the next two to three years, China would invest 90 billion yuan (RMB) in pipe network construction, recycled water utilization and water pollution control. Based on that investment, it would encourage and guide financial institutions to provide more credit and loan support to projects to control water pollution, and complete the sewage disposal fee system, so as to ensure the water safety in cities.

WU Xiaoqing indicated that the water pollution has presently become an important factor restricting the development of China’s economy and jeopardizing people’s health. About 90% of rivers in cities were polluted at some level, and 270 million rural residents were threatened by unsafe drinking water. Therefore, China will continue to enhance the protection of drinking water sources to carry out eco-agricultural construction and return farmland to forest in areas surrounding drinking water sources, to accelerate the implementation of major projects that control water pollution, and to improve the capacity and efficiency of sewage disposal.

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