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Government Work Report of Beijing Municipality: Urban Construction Management Constantly Improved
Mr. GUO Jinlong, Mayor of the Beijing Municipality, gave a work report at the Third Session of the Thirteenth Municipal People’s Congress of Beijing on Jan. 25, 2010.

In 2009, the gross regional product of Beijing was 1186.59 billion yuan (RMB), a 10.1% increase over last year, and the gross regional product per capita exceeded 10,000 dollars (USD); the local financial revenue was 202.68 billion yuan (RMB), an increase of 10.3%. The registered unemployment rate in Beijing was 1.44%. The per capita disposable income of citizens was 26,738 yuan (RMB), and per capita net income of farmers was 11,986 yuan (RMB), an increase of 9.7% and 13.4% respectively. The management of urban construction was constantly improved. Subway Line 4 was put into use successfully, bringing the operative length of rail transport to 228 km and the length under construction to 280.2 km. The Sixth Ring Road and Beijing-Chengde Express Way were completed, making the total length of highway 884 km. The public transport network and interchange conditions were improved. The annual passenger carrying capacity of public transport reached 6.59 billion person-times, and the proportion of people travelling by public transport increased to 38.9%. Measures to control air pollution were taken, making the days when the urban air quality is above level Ⅱ 78.1%. The disposal of household garbage was fully carried out, and the annual amount of household garbage in urban areas dropped for the first time; the treatment rate of household garbage of Beijing reached 95.8%. The comprehensive renovation of the North Canal water system was advanced, and the upgrade of sewage treatment plants accelerated. The urban and suburban sewage disposal rates were 94% and 51% respectively, and the amount of recycled water utilization was 650 million m3. The construction of ecological districts, counties, and villages was further advanced and 19 suburban parks were built. The Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control project, the Three-North Shelter Forest Program, and the Taihang Mountain greening project were carried out, making the woody plant cover of Beijing reach 52.6% and per capita public green areas 14.5 m2. Changes were made in the management of urban construction and the digitized and upgraded service management in the city was further improved.

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