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Ministry of Land and Resources Enhances Supervision Over Land Supply for Low-income Housing
The Ministry of Land and Resources recently indicated that efforts will be put into strengthening the supervision over land provisions for low-income housing development so as to guarantee the effective construction of low-income housing in the country.

It is suggested that the land-use designation for low-income housing must not be changed once the developers get the land-use rights of the lands for affordable housing and low-rent housing. To those projects who fail to begin or complete the construction of low-income housing on time or who fail to provide the required amount of low-income housing, punishment should be enforced according to related regulations. In the meantime, the Ministry of Land and Resources also urges local governments to put more effort into monitoring illegal activities in land development such as construction without approval and changing land-use designations at will.

Statistics show that in 2009, the total land provision for low-income housing construction in the 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp in China reached 10.4 thousand ha., increasing by one third compared with 2008.

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