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State Council Announces Seventh National Famous Scenic Areas List
The State Council of China recently announced the seventh National Famous Scenic Areas List, covering 21 areas around the country: Sun Island Scenic Area in Heilongjiang Province; Tianlao Mountain Scenic Area in Zhejiang Province; Fozi Mountain Scenic Area, Bao Mountain Scenic Area, Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area of Fu’an in Fujian Province; Ling Mountain Scenic Area in Jiangxi Province; Tongbai Mountain - Huaiyuan Scenic Area, Yellow River Scenic Area of Zhengzhou in Henan Province; Suxian Mountain - Wanhua Rocks Scenic Area, South Mountain Scenic Area, Wanfo Mountain - Dong Ethic Village Scenic Area, Huxing Mountain - Huayao Scenic Area, Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area in Hunan Province; Wutong Mountain Scenic Area in Guangdong Province; Pingtang Scenic Area, Miao Ethic Mountain and Dong Ethic Lake Scenic Area of Rongjiang, Shiqian Thermal Springs Scenic Area, Wujiang Gorge Scenic Area of Yanhe, Jiangjie River Scenic Area of Wen’an in Guizhou Province; and Namtso - Tanggula Mountain Scenic Area, Tanggula Mountain - Nu River Source Scenic Area in Tibet Autonomous Region.

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