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State Council Approves China’s First Regional Circular Economy Plan
The State Council of China lately approved the Master Plan for Circular Economy in Gansu, reflecting its determination in constructing a national demonstration area for the development of circular economy in Gansu. The plan has been the first regional circular economy plan approved by the Central Government of China.

The State Council also indicated that the implementation of the plan should be directed by the Scientific View of Development, and focus on transforming the economic development mode by taking system renovation and technological innovation as the driving forces. Following the principle of “reducing consumption, promoting recycling, and boosting reclamation”, emphasis should be laid on developing industrial links, pillar enterprises, demonstration areas and bases for the circular economy. And the related researches on the supporting technologies for the circular economy should also be boosted.

The plan, which was devised by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Government of Gansu, is composed of the following seven parts: the primary socio-economic development conditions in Gansu; the necessity and basis for developing the circular economy in the province; the primary ideas, principles, and goals for developing the circular economy; the major tasks in developing the circular economy; the primary projects and supporting technologies; the analysis on related resources and environmental impact that might be caused; and the guarantee measures for the development. In general, the focus will be laid on transforming the development mode, adjusting the economic structure, ameliorating conflicts between resources and the environment, and realizing green, high-efficiency, and interdisciplinary development. The implementation period of the plan will be from 2009 to 2015.

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