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State Council Approves Master Plan of Wuhan
The Master Plan of Wuhan (2010 - 2020) was approved by the State Council. It clarified the development orientations of the city, i.e., a national historic and famous cultural city, a central city in central China, an industrial base, a science and education base, and a comprehensive transportation hub.

According to the plan, an integrated urban-rural planning administration will be applied in a city area as large as 8,494 km2. Based on the natural pattern with “two rivers and three towns”, the development of the central city area should be further boosted by improving the functionality of Hankou, Wuchang, and Hanyang, promoting integrated development, and avoiding disordered urban sprawl. In order to control the city scale within a rational range, the population size in the central city area will be limited to 5.02 million and the urban construction lands to 450 km2 by 2020.

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