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Beijing Aims at Being a World City
The Municipal Government of Beijing declared that by 2050, Beijing will develop into a “world city”.

A “world city” can also be called a global international city, which is a superior form of international city. Different from international metropolises and regional international cities, it has the most remarkable influences over the world in terms of politics, economic, cultural, and social development. At present, there are only three commonly recognized world cities, i.e., New York, London, and Tokyo.

The chief of Beijing Planning Committee stated that since the socio-economic development of Beijing has reached a new level, the planning, development, and construction of the city should be based on the requirements of a world city. First of all, the construction of the primary functional areas should be boosted, so as to establish the power engine that drives the economic development of the city to a higher level and facilitate the upgrading of the industrial structure. Secondly, the plans for Zhongguancun demonstration area for industrial innovation should be enhanced so that the scientific and technological development and the technical renovation can be further promoted, innovative city construction can be realized, and urban competitiveness can be upgraded. Finally, the planning for the facilities relating to international communications in Beijing should also be emphasized, and certain spatial resources should be reserved for future development, which will benefit to attracting international organizations and talents and promoting the openness and internationalization of the city.

In the meantime, the planning and construction of Beijing will aim at building a low-carbon ecological city. Various researches relating to low-carbon community construction, energy saving construction, new energy resources, and planning for low-carbon city spaces and structures should be further stimulated. It is required that a Low-carbon City Construction and Planning Standards be established to facilitate low-carbon ecological city construction from the initial planning stages. In order to guarantee balanced regional development, Beijing will put more efforts into the integrated regional development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei from the perspectives of coordinated planning, market construction, infrastructural development connections, and industrial cooperation. By promoting the development level of the whole region, the construction of Beijing as a modern international city will also be boosted, which will in turn prepare it to be a world city.

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