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Xiamen to Start Building “National Forest City”
The city of Xiamen will start its construction of a national forest city. It focuses on five major projects including an ecological garden project, an ecological landscape construction project, a green channel construction project, a forest ecological recreation construction project, and a village greening construction project. By 2015, the coverage rate of forest in the whole city will be above 43%, the greening cover rate in the built-up area of the city will reach over 40%, the green land coverage rate in the built-up area will be above 35%, and the per capita public green land area will be more than 12 m2.

A national forest city refers to a city whose ecological system is mainly formed by forest and vegetation, as well as a city in which integrated urban-rural ecological development has been realized. The related forestry department of the country will present an official certification to the cities once they reach the standards of the various forest construction indexes.

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