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Head of State Administration of Cultural Heritage Talks About New Trends in Cultural Heritage Protection
In the forum of “City Renovation and Cultural Inheritance” held on Jun. 12, SHAN Jixiang, Head of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, delivered a keynote speech, in which he pointed out that amid the transformation from “cultural relics protection” to “cultural heritage conservation” after the establishment of Chinese Cultural Heritage Day in 2006, the emphasis of cultural heritage conservation is more laid on the inheritance between generations and the public participation, and there emerge six new development trends in the conservation of cultural heritage.

First of all, the conservation scope of cultural heritage elements expands from merely cultural elements to “compound heritage” and “cultural landscape” that is formed by the combination of cultural and natural elements. Secondly, the conservation categories of cultural heritage develop from “static heritage” to “dynamic heritage” and “living heritage”. Thirdly, the spatial scope of cultural heritage conservation expands from conservation “spots” and “patches” to “large-scale cultural heritage” and “linear cultural heritage” and the conservation vision is also extended from single cultural relic site, ancient construction cluster, historic conservation area and village to “large relic sites cluster”, “cultural route”, and “heritage series”. Fourthly, the time scale of cultural heritage conservation extends from “ancient” and “modern” to “20th century” and “contemporary”. Fifthly, the nature of cultural heritages expands from significant historic relics and representative constructions to “folk cultural heritage” that reflects the life style of regular people, such as the conservation of “vernacular architecture”, “industrial heritage”, and “old brands heritage”. Sixthly, the form of cultural heritage transforms from “material elements” to combination of both “material” and “non-material” elements.

The theme of 2010 Chinese Cultural Heritage Day is “Cultural heritage, on my side”.

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