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Regional Plan for Yangtze River Delta Area Granted by State Council of China
Regional Plan for Yangtze River Delta Area Granted by State Council of ChinaIn order to promote the comprehensive capacity and international competitiveness of Yangtze River Delta Area (YRDA), China’s State Council officially approved the implementation of Regional Plan for Yangtze River Delta Area in May 2010.According to the plan, the strategic orientation for the development of YRDA is an important international gate for the Asian Pacific region, a center of global modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, a world-class city agglomeration with remarkable international competitiveness. And the development goal is to take the lead in building well-off society in all-around way by 2015, and to strive for taking the lead in realizing modernization in the main by 2020. In addition, the plan also puts forward eight development goals and major tasks for the area including the urban development and urban-rural development coordination, the industry development and layout, the self-innovation and innovative region construction, the construction and layout of infrastructures, the resources utilization and ecological environment protection, the social welfare and public service, the institutional reform and system innovation, the opening-up and cooperation, to all of which related guarantee policies and measures are also clarified.Yangtze River Delta Area includes Shanghai Municipality, Jiangsu Province, and Zhejiang Province, in a total regional area of 210.7 thousand km2.

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