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Prof. WU Liangyong Wins Tan Kah
Prof. WU Liangyong Wins Tan Kah Kee Science AwardThe 2010 Tan Kah Kee Science Award was revealed on Jun. 9 in Beijing. Prof. WU Liangyong won the award with his “Sciences of Human Settlements” in the category of technological sciences. The ceremony was held on the 15thGeneral Assembly of the Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 10thGeneral Assembly of the Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering.In view of the conflicts and problems occurring unprecedentedly in the urban and rural development in China since the 1980s, as well as the advocation of building “sustainable human settlements” since the World Summit in Rio in 1992, Prof. WU Liangyong creatively worked out the theoretical structure of Sciences of Human Settlements, which advocates comprehensive, systematic and synthetic studies on human settlements from all the aspects including political, society, culture, technology and so on. The knowledge structure of Sciences of Human Settlements is composed of five systems, five levels, and five principles. ① Human settlements are composed of five systems, including Nature, Man, Society, Housing and Infrastructure. It is necessary to promote a coordinated development among Man, Nature and Society. ② The human settlements can be spatially divided into the five levels of Globe, Region, City, Community (town and village), and Building. ③ The construction of human settlements should follow the principles of ecology, economy, science and technology, society, and culture.On the basis of his practice of research, Prof. WU works out the opened methodology of trans-disciplinary research of Sciences of Human Settlements which is based on the trinity of Architecture, City Planning and Landscape Architecture as the leading discipline. The general goal of developing the Sciences of Human Settlements in China is to explore for a multidisciplinary cluster through the efforts of theoretical research and construction practice, which can integrate the outcomes of natural science, technical science, and human science relative to human settlements to form a new scientific knowledge system.The influences of the Sciences of Human Settlements on promoting science and technology development can be seen in many specific projects like the Ju’er Hutong New Courtyard Housing Project in Beijing, and the Research on Urban and Rural Spatial Development Planning of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region (Greater Beijing). The human settlements thoughts have gradually been recognized by the society and attracted wide attentions from the world.

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