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Website of China City Planning Review Opened
Since its resume publication in 2006, China City Planning Review (CCPR), the quarterly publication, has spread its influence to North and South Americas, Europe, Africa, Atlantic, and Southeast Asia on the basis of stabilizing its domestic foundation. The subscribers of the journal include many famous universities, institutions and government organizations such as Cambridge University, Harvard University, and Embassy of France in China. Meanwhile, the journal has been listed as an important academic periodical by certain well-known universities represented by Tsinghua University and Delft University of Technology. In view of readers’ requirement for internet service, CCPR established and opened its website (www.ccprjournal.com) in August 2009, on which the latest content and information of the journal is released. Moreover, CCPR has also set up a cooperation relationship with CNKI (www.cnki.net), the digital publications platform of China. Readers can search for and download articles of the journal from CNKI that is more convenient and efficient.

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