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Ten Billion Yuan (RMB) Put into the Treatment of Medium and Small Rivers
At the end of 2009 and in June of this year, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources arranged 5 billion yuan (RMB) from the central finance as special funding to carry out treatment projects on medium and small rivers. At the beginning of this August, another 2 billion yuan (RMB) was added because of the severe flooding disasters of medium and small rivers during the flooding season this year, and 3 billion yuan (RMB) from next year’s annual funding was issued in advance in order to control the rivers with severe flooding problems. Currently, together with the supportive funds from local governments, the investment in the treatment of medium and small rivers has exceeded 10 billion yuan (RMB).

At present, the flooding disaster of medium and small rivers in China is quite severe. According to the statistics, the average annual loss caused by the flooding of medium and small rivers takes up 80% of China’s total flood damage. Since the flooding season started this year, large-scale rainfall has occurred continuously, causing flooding in all major rivers. About 340 rivers has exceeded the warning water level, and floods topping the highest record in history have occurred in more than 80 major branches of large rivers, as well as medium and small rivers. In addition, bank bursting and overtopping banks have also occurred in major branches of large rivers, and medium and small rivers, exposing medium and small rivers as the weak part of flood prevention.

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