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Urbanization Rate of China to Exceed 50%
According to the recently released China City Development Report by the China Association of Mayors, based on the present speed of increase, the urbanization rate of China will exceed 50% very soon. Thus the urbanization process of China will be turned toward both quantitive and qualitive development instead of the current quantitive increase. From 42.99% in 2005 to 46.59% in 2009, China’s urbanization rate has increased by 0.9% annually.

ZHANG Qin, Vice Director of the Planning Division of MOHURD, said that the rapid urbanization of China will be maintained for 15 to 20 years, and the urbanization level will reach and exceed 50% in the next five years, where the country will then enter “urban” society. JIANG Weixin, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, expressed that to promote urbanization process actively and steadily, the urban-rural planning level should be promoted, and the housing issue should be paid attention to continuously. To enhance and improve the adjustment and control of the real estate market, policies should be completed, housing supply should be increased, and integrated tactics combining land management, financial credit, and taxes should be utilized. The key part is to accelerate the construction of subsidized houses, strengthen the supervision of the market, stabilize market expectation, and halt the overly rapid increase of housing prices. At the same time, research on policies to promote mid- and long-term development of real estate should be carried out. Also, energy-saving buildings and urban emission reduction should be further carried out to promote the quality and efficiency of development.

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