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Permanent Residents of Migrant Population in Beijing Exceeds 7 Million
The Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Political Consultative Conference approved the Proposal on Promoting Balanced Development between Population, Resources and the Environment of the Capital, putting forward suggestions on the population issue of Beijing in terms of registration system reformation, birth policy, residence permit system, etc.

The survey revealed that up until the end of last year, the permanent residential population in Beijing has reached 19.72 million, including 7.26 million composed of the migrant population, which refers to those migrants who have lived there for more than half a year. During the last four years since 2006, Beijing’s population has increased by 543 thousand annually, among which the migrant population accounts for 70%. It was predicted that at this speed, the permanent residential population will reach 25 million in 2020, which is far more than the objective of a population of 18 million advanced in the Master Plan of Beijing (2004 - 2020).

At the same time, the structural problem of Beijing’s population is becoming more and more severe. In 2009, people above 60 years of age accounted for as high as 18.3% of the registered permanent residents, and are predicted to increase to 29% by 2020.

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