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Shanghai to Construct Ten New Towns in Suburbs After 2010 Expo
Ten new towns will be constructed in the suburbs of Shanghai outside the outer ring road. These towns are Chongming Chengqiao New Town, Baoshan New Town, Jiading New Town, Songjiang New Town, Qingpu New Town, Jinshan New Town, Fengxian Nanqiao New Town, Lingang New Town, Chuansha New Town, and Gaoqiao New Town. The latter three new towns are located in Pudong New Area.

Currently, Shanghai is facing four bottle-necks in its development. First is the limited land for urban construction. The amount of land currently used for urban construction is already approaching the upper limit of the planned land area for the year 2020, among which industrial land accounts for 33%, far higher than the normal proportion of 15 - 17% in other cities in the world. Secondly, the urban spatial structure needs to be optimized urgently. A linear urban area with the width of five to ten kilometers has formed around the outer ring road, especially in Baoshan and Minhang. Thirdly, the spatial distribution of the population is quite irrational, with ten million people living in the central city. Fourthly, the restructuring of the industry and economy faces great pressures without much development in the tertiary industry.

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