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Key Projects in Tibet Focus on People’s Livelihood
Since 2006, the Tibetan Government has integrated the financial funds, social funds and other supportive funds to implement housing projects for farmers and herdsmen, mostly focusing on the renovation of farmers’ houses, the settlement of nomads, and poverty-relief resettlement. Up until the end of last year, housing projects have provided safe and comfortable houses for 230 thousand households, involving about 1.2 million farmers and herdsmen. This year, the Tibetan Government will solve the housing issues for all the farmers and herdsmen with poor living conditions through the housing projects to ensure that they can live in safe and comfortable houses. According to the statistics from the second agricultural census of Tibet, the living conditions of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen have been improved greatly during recent years. The average floor area of each household of farmers and herdsmen has reached 172.6 m2, and the floor area per capita has reached 30.7 m2.

According to the Development and Reform Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region, up until the end of 2009, a total of 5.153 billion yuan (RMB) of investment has been put into Tibet. An additional 648 thousand people were provided with safe drinking water, 266 thousand people were provided with electricity, 51 towns and 636 villages were made accessible by bus, and 916 villages were installed telephone services, and broadcast and television networks respectively covered 89.2% and 90.36% of the whole region. Generally speaking, the living conditions of farmers and herdsmen have been greatly improved in Tibet.

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