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National Housing and Urban-rural Construction Work Conference Held
On Dec. 29, 2010, the National Housing and Urban-rural Construction Work Conference was held in Beijing. JIANG Weixin, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered the work report on housing and urban-rural construction.

The conference pointed out that the year 2010 saw the largest scale social housing construction. There were 5.9 million suits of social housing and renovated housing in shantytowns under construction, among which 3.7 million suits were basically finished; 1.36 million suits of ramshackle houses in rural areas were reconstructed, with 1.08 million basically completed. Both of them outperformed the task that was assigned by the State Council at the beginning of 2010.

Up to November 2010, the proportion of new buildings that followed mandatory standards reached 95%, energy-conservation reconstruction was carried out in more than 58 million m2 of existing residential buildings, and the daily urban sewage treatment ability of the whole country was increased by 18.5 million tons, all of which had outperformed the task listed in the annual plan.

The conference pointed out that the national housing and urban-rural construction had basically realized the objectives set in the 11th Five-year Plan. The urbanization process was accelerated, with the urbanization level of 2009 reaching 46.59%. At the end of 2009, the average urban residential floor area was about 30 m2 per capita, and the average housing area in the countryside was 33.6 m2 per capita. During the 11th Five-year, 167 million m2 of existing residential buildings had completed measurable heating system and energy-conservation reconstruction.

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