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China to Facilitate Disaster Prevention and Relief from Six Perspectives
The National Work Meeting on Disaster Prevention and Relief of China was held on Feb. 24. According to Mr. LUO Pingfei, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs, China will facilitate the work on disaster prevention and relief from six perspectives. Firstly, the formulation and implementation of the National Comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Reduction Plan (2011 - 2015) should be stressed, and the approval and construction of major related projects should be accelerated. Secondly, the work concerning reconstruction of farm houses and aid to spring famine should be accentuated; at the same time, the performance evaluation and result tracking system should also be established, so as to guarantee the effective implementation of various measures. Thirdly, necessary measures should be adopted to deal with new disasters. At present, the difficulty in drinking water in disaster-struck area should be addressed, and the aid to people living in areas hit by drought should be strengthened. Fourthly, efforts should be put into the practical implementation of related regulations including the Regulation on the Relief of Natural Disasters and the Temporary Measures for Management of Life Aid Funds in Natural Disaster-Struck Area, so as to promote the standardization level of disaster relief work. Fifthly, various work concerning disaster relief should be coordinated, and the capacity of disaster prevention and relief at different levels should be strengthened. Sixthly, research and surveys on difficult and heated issues should be carried out to boost the scientific study on disaster prevention and relief.

LUO Guangping also indicated at the meeting that the span of the 11th Five-year Plan, which had just passed, was a period of time with the most frequent happening of various major natural disasters, during which as many as 104 thousand people died or went missing in the country, and the direct economical loss caused by disasters reached 2.5 thousand billion yuan.

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