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State Administration of Cultural Heritage Advocates the Construc-tion of Archaeological Relics Parks
During the investigation into the protection and development of Yinxu Palace and Temple Relics, as well as villages in protected areas around Yinxu, such as Huayuan Village, Wuguan Village, Dasikong Village, etc., SHAN Jixiang, General Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, stressed that different from normal urban green space, archaeological relics parks are urban cultural spaces based on the protection and exhibition of historic heritages and their environment, which bear functions including education, scientific research, sightseeing, etc. The construction of archaeological relics parks should be connected with urban construction, particularly the improvement of people’s livelihood, so as to find the basis for the heritage protection, making archaeological relics protection an important part of people’s life, as well as the core and soul of cities’ culture. The protection of heritages and the improvement of local people’s living conditions should be considered integrally to help to solve issues of poverty, industrial development, and improvement of living conditions through promoting urban development, making preferential policies, receiving feedback of the benefits from the tourist industry, etc., so as to make the archaeological relics protection a beneficial project as well as a benevolent project. The management institution led by the governments, guided by the industries, coordinated by the whole society and participated by the public should be established, and archeologists, specialists from other fields and any stakeholders have the rights to participate and supervise the projects.

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