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Ministry of Land and Resources Supports the Construction of Hainan International Tourism Island
After the promulgation of the Suggestions on Boosting Construction and Development of Hainan International Tourism Island by the State Council of China last year, which announced the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island as an important national strategy, the Ministry of Land and Resources has lately released 20 policies and measures to further support the construction of the island, which are as follows.

Firstly, innovative policies should be adopted to address the problems in land appropriation, transfer of collective-owned land, and integrating the tourism land administration and seafront land use administration. Secondly, the reform on the land expropriation system should be further boosted, and the land expropriation compensation should follow the principle of giving the same price for the same area. In addition, the farmers whose lands are expropriated should be covered by the urban social insurance system, and the exploration on the measures for residents’ resettlement should be carried out. Thirdly, through institutional construction, the intensive and economical use of land resource should be boosted, and land remediation should be stimulated via project support. At the same time, management of unused land in Hainan is also encouraged, based on necessary checks and surveys. Fourthly, the exploration of differentiated and refined management of land-use for the new energy sources industry and the tourism industry should be carried out. For tourism land-uses like theme parks that are in accordance with the Outline of Construction and Development Plan for the Hainan International Tourism Island, the land-use master plan, and other related special planning, a categorized management for development land, agricultural land and unused land should be adopted. Meanwhile, new methods of management for water surface land-use should be explored. Moreover, the land ownership registration and land management on the Paracel Islands and non-residents islands by the provincial government of Hainan will also be supported.

Besides, it is announced that the Ministry of Land and Resources will also support the Hainan Provincial Government to formulate and implement its land-use plan, and coordinate the various plans made for land-use, urban and rural development, industrial development, and infrastructure layout. The regulated development of golf tourism projects in Hainan is also encouraged.

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