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Promotion of Happiness Index Valued in the 12th Five-year Plan
It can be seen in the 12th Five-year Plan of different areas of China that more emphases have been put on the indexes for people’s livelihood, and happiness becomes the goal of the government administration. The municipal government of Beijing announced that “people should live a happy and pleasant life.” Guangdong intends to “make social security system and livelihood improvement the starting point and foundation for the construction of a happy Guangdong.” And Chongqing declared to be “one of the areas where people feel the highest degree of happiness.”

From an “admiration for GDP” that focuses on the pursuit of development speed, to a lowering down of the GDP growth targets and a greater focus on people’s livelihood through various policies and resources, many provinces have changed their work focus from GDP growth to increasing urban and rural residents’ income level. The goal of the annual GDP growth rate of Beijing’s 12th Five-year Plan is one point lower than that of its 11th Five-year Plan; while the goal for the annual increase of residents’ income is 2 points higher than the 11th Five-year Plan. In Chongqing, the goal is to “double farmers’ per capita income and increase urban residents’ income by 75% by 2015,” and it is the first city to add the control of the Gini coefficient, which is used to measure social disparity, into its five-year plan.

In Shanxi, the retired employees of collective-owned enterprises that are not covered by the social insurance system will be included into the fundamental endowment insurance system, and the employees of non-state-owned enterprises, rural migrant workers, and farmers whose lands are expropriated will also be promoted to be covered by the insurance system. In addition, the method to transfer and continue the fundamental endowment insurance when people move to other areas will be explored. In Shandong, the connection between social aid and insurance standards and price inflation will be improved, and the policy of providing temporary price subsidies to citizens eligible for special government allowances, minimum living cost assurance, and five guarantees in the countryside, and students with a retardant family background will be established, so as to guarantee the fundamental living conditions of the disadvantaged groups.

Meanwhile in Guangdong, the government announced that the experimental area for reform of the social administration system would be established, so that the Pearl River Delta region can be built into a demonstration region for social institutional reform. In Anhui, clarification on the relationship between the government, enterprises, market, and social institutions is emphasized. It is stressed that when improving economic adjustment and strengthening market supervision, social administration and public services should also be valued.

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