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National Plan for Development Prio-rity Zones Promulgated Officially
As the first territorial spatial development plan at national level, the National Plan for Development Priority Zones was promulgated officially in early June. The Plan concludes 13 chapters into six parts, which are planning background, guidelines and aims, development priority zones at national level, energy and resources, guarantee measures and planning implementation. The Plan includes 70 thousand words and three appendixes containing the lists of key ecological function areas, non-development zones, as well as 20 figures.

The Plan expatiates on the connotation and division of development priority zones. Based on the development mode, spaces are divided into four types: optimal development zones, key development zones, restricted development zones, and non-development zones; based on the development contents, they are divided into three types: urbanization area, agricultural area and ecological area; based on the administrative level, they are divided to two levels: national and provincial level.

The Notification on Releasing National Plan for Development Priority Zones by the State Council has pointed out that the Plan is a strategic, fundamental and restrictive plan for the spatial development of national territory. The compilation and implementation of the Plan is an important strategic measure to carry out the Scientific View of Development, and has great strategic significance to form the territorial spatial development structure with harmonious relationship between population, economy, resources and environment, to accelerate the transformation of economic development modes, to promote the stable and rapid economic development and harmonious and stable society, as well as to build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the long-term goals of socialist modernization construction.

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