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Establishment of Zhoushan Islands New Area Approved by the State Council
According to the news released by the News Office of State Council on Jul. 7, the Zhoushan Islands New Area of Zhejiang Province was officially approved by the State Council to be established. It is another new area at national level approved by the Central Government after the establishment of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, Tianjin’s Binhai New Area and Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area, it is also the first national new area approved by the State Council themed with marine economy at national strategic level.The length of deep water coastline of Zhoushan Islands is about 280 km, covering 18.4% of China’s total coastline. According to the approval, the scope of Zhoushan Islands New Area is the current administrative region of Zhoushan Municipality, including 1, 390 islands, with land area of 1,440 km2 and continental sea area of 20.8 thousand km2. Its functional orientation is the leading and guiding zone of marine economy development for Zhejiang Province, the trial site for integrated marine development and an important growth point for the economic development of Yangtze River Delta Region.

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