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Number of China’s Cities Reaches 657
According to the Statistical Report on China’s Social Service Development in 2010 released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has examined and approved nine adjustments of administrative division above county level. Three municipal districts and three counties are annuled; a new municipal district and three new counties are set up, which makes the total number of cities increased to 657.

Up till the end of 2010, there have been totally 34 administrative units at provincial level, 333 at prefecture level, 2,856 at county level and 40,906 at town level in China. Currently, 80% of cities have finished the compilation of geographic name plan, some counties also carried out this work. Up to now, counties in the western area, counties and towns in midland and eastern area have all finished the placement of geographic names; some provinces also tried the placement of official names of villages and house numbers in rural area. Up to now, the geographic name system coving urban and rural area has primarily established in the whole country.

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