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President HU Jintao Stresses Cherishing and Wisely Using Every Inch of Land
The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 31st collective study on completing the land administration system in the afternoon of Aug. 23, 2011. President HU Jintao stressed that efforts should be made to implement the strategy of taking economization of land-use as the first priority and further complete the strictest land administration system regarding China’s realistic situations. Urban and rural construction should stick to the principle of less land occupation, as well as less or no farmland occupation, so as to support the larger-scale economic growth with less consumption of land resources; economic, social and ecological benefits should be coordinated and integrated, so as to constantly improve the land-use efficiency; unified planning and reasonable land layout should be insisted on, so as to promote the optimization of regional, urban-rural, and industrial land-use structure; present and future land-use should be considered in coordination, so as to improve the support capacity of land for socio-economic development, aiming at building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.

President HU Jintao pointed out that the following four aspects should be taken as focuses for present and future land-use works: first, to persist and complete the strictest farmland protection system, make the demarcated permanent farmland as the basis of ensuring the grain safety of China, enhance the responsibilities of farmland protection, and complete the farmland protection and compensation mechanism; second, to carry out the strictest land-use system, strengthen the overall control and regulation function of land-use master plan, reasonably determine the scale, structure, and supply sequence of new construction land, and reduce the excessive consumption of economic growth on land resources; third, to protect the legal rights of the public on the land, complete the compensation mechanism of land expropriation, standardize the land expropriation and relocation administration, and increase the force of land supervision and law enforcement; fourth, to promote the reform of land administration system, complete the strict and standard administration system of rural land, accelerate the reform of land expropriation system, deepen the reform of paid use system of state-owned land, and reinforce the construction of land administration competence.

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