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Future Urban Development should Rebuild “Micro Circulation”
Mr. QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, pointed out in his speech on Aug. 25, 2011 that one of the main tendencies of urban construction in the mid- and late-urbanization stage was to rebuild the “micro circulation.” In view of China’s realistic situation, many cities were facing the threshold of transformation during the urban development. After 30 years’ development and construction since the reform and opening-up to the outside world, the disadvantages of the large-scale demolishment and construction at the early stage of urbanization were fully revealed, and the citizens strongly wished for improving the community environment and promoting the housing comfortableness. Under such a circumstance, the thoughts of urban development should be changed from industrial civilization to ecological civilization; the traditional, centralized, and mechanical urban development mode should be changed to decentralized, organic, and ecological one; the construction of large-scale infrastructures should be changed to small-scale supplementary construction; the concentrated treatments of emissions should be changed to onsite or local processing; and the functional separation of various public facilities should be changed to the comprehensive utilization. Meanwhile, in terms of planning and construction concept, the from top to bottom mode should be changed to transparent planning, transparent design, top-down integration, and fully arousing the enthusiasm of public innovation. Following the concept of “self-organization,” the city managers should carry out the reconstruction of urban micro circulation systems that includes “micro degradation, micro energy source, micro impact, micro regeneration, micro transport, micro green space, micro regulation and control, etc.,” which should become new principle for urban transformation, eco-city development, and urban housing planning and construction.

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