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Maintaining the Priority of Infrastructure Construction in the Development of Western China
Premier WEN Jiabao hosted the State Council leadership meetings for Western China development and for old industrial bases development including Northeast China on Jan. 9, 2012, on which a common recognition was reached that the western region is still a “short board” in China’s regional development, so the priority should continue to be given to infrastructures construction in the region.

The 12th Five-year Plan for Western China Development (2011 - 2015) was discussed and approved in the meeting. It was stressed that major functional areas should be clarified in the development of Western China, and guidance should be provided respectively for the development of key economic areas, agricultural products supply areas, key ecological areas, resources intensive areas, border open areas, and specially poverty-stricken areas, etc.

It was clarified in the meeting that development priority should be given to infrastructures construction with emphasis being laid on transportation and water conservancy facilities, and the construction of a modern infrastructure system characterized as advancing, full-featured, safe and high efficient. At the same time, more efforts should be put into ecological construction and environment protection to prevent the deterioration of ecological system from the source. The development of special advantageous industries should be enhanced, and the construction of bases for national energy sources, resources deep processing industry, equipments manufacture industry, and new strategic industries should be facilitated. And the development of modern agriculture should be further stimulated by building up agricultural products processing system with distinctive characteristics of Western China. Meanwhile, in order to promote the quality and level of urbanization, medium- and small-sized cities and small towns with distinctive characteristics should be fostered.

Moreover, it was emphasized in the meeting that the priority of development in Western China should be given to educational development, more employment opportunities should be provided, and fundamental public services should be equalized. In the meantime, the scientific innovation capacity should be promoted, so as to build the region into an innovative region; and the opening degree both inward and outward should be further raised to stimulate the development continuously.

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