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Three Primary Tasks on Emission Reduction for 2012 Clarified
According to ZHOU Shengxian, the Minister of Environmental Protection, the primary tasks for pollutants emission reduction in 2012 have been clarified: compared with 2011, reducing both the emission of sulfur dioxide and the chemical oxygen demand by 2%, reducing the emission of ammonia nitrogen by 1.5%, and realizing a zero growth in the emission of nitric oxide.

In 2012, China will adopt three primary measures to further reduce pollutants emission, including further highlighting structural emission reduction, improving withdrawal mechanism for underdeveloped production, and reducing pollutants emission from the source by strictly conducting pre-examination of total indexes for construction projects. Efforts will be continuously put into engineering emission reduction and administration emission reduction, like speeding up the construction of pollution control, key pollution treatment projects, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification and wastewater treatment facilities, promoting the emission reduction of automobiles, and stimulating the emission reduction of agriculture in countryside. In the meantime, the supervision and monitor should be further strengthened to guarantee the smooth operation of pollution treatment facilities, develop pollution treatment potential, and promote treatment efficiency. Moreover, China will further complete and improve the emission reduction policies such as improving and making full use of desulfurized-electricity price, coordinating related departments on establishing supervision method for operation of desulfurization facilities, studying financial stimulation policies for emission reduction of agriculture and automobiles, studying measures to including sludge disposal cost into sewage treatment cost, and releasing supervision suggestions on experiments of paid utilization and trade of pollution emission rights.

Moreover, Minister ZHOU Shengxian also indicated that special attentions have been paid to complete the environment quality assessment system. It was stressed that first of all, the system should be established as soon as possible; secondly, the system should be implemented in phases; thirdly, related researches should be organized; and fourthly, it should be geared to international standards. 

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