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Beijing Constructs “Green Barrier, Green Network, and Green Landscape” Ecological System
In 2011, the International Forestry Year, Beijing put great efforts into constructing three primary ecological systems, i.e., “green barrier in the mountainous area, green network in the plain, and green landscape in the city.” After one year’s construction, Beijing has made remarkable progress, including 1,180 ha of newly increased green land, 572 ha of reformed park and green land, 2.512 ha of riverfront forest parks, 450 ha of greening of reconstructed roads, renovation of green land in 113 old communities, and 110 thousand square meters of roof greening. And in the suburban area of Beijing, the achievements are also quite remarkable, with the realization of 125 thousand mu greening and forest area, 150 million newly-planted trees, 600 thousand mu forest fostering area, and 400 thousand mu enclosing hills for afforestation.

By now, there have been 245 plots of green land, in an area of 556.9 ha, adopted by the society for planting and maintenance; and there have been 128 thousand trees adopted for maintenance. The total fund that social institutions put onto green land and trees adoption has reached 330 million yuan.

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