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Readers' Feedback: From Peter G. Rowe
CCPR is currently received in the Harvard University Library System at the Loeb Library in the Graduate School of Design and the Fung Library in the Fairbank Center of Chinese Studies. Issues at the Loeb Library date back to the magazine’s inception in 1985, while those at the Fung Library date from 1987. From the perspective of this review, CCPR provides timely access to an English-language readership of important topics in contemporary Chinese city planning. It also provides a platform for informed opinion from public officials, as well as from academics, allowing the magazine to transcend a solely academic presentation and readership. In this regard, the sections like “Debates and Ideas,” as well as “Critical Insight” are clear in their intention and mode of presentation. The tendency to group articles into thematic clusters in the body of the magazine is also appropriate, especially for later referencing purposes. The language though technical is literate and understandable, and the graphic presentation is generally clear and unfussy. Articles are succinct and even perhaps too succinct in some cases.

Looking to the future, at least two other sections or departments might warrant inclusion with one devoted to an interview with a prominent decision maker or authority and the other for short book reviews, especially about topics central to a particular issue of the magazine. To reiterate, though, CCPR has proven to be very useful for this reviewer and for inclusion into class material at Harvard dealing with contemporary Chinese city planning.

Peter G. RoweProfessor, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

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