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Readers' Feedback: From Pierre Laconte
In 2006, as new President of ISOCARP, one of the good news items I came across in international planning was the resumption of CCPR, published by the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) and mainly sponsored by Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute. I read and kept most issues and from time to time sent to SHI Nan, its associate Chief Editor, some specific comments, for example in 2007 about YU Wenbo et al., comparing America’s transit oriented developments and their Chinese counterparts, and in 2010 about XIA Yongxiang’s contribution, which describes an institutional situation that could be formally compared to some of the Western ones... The Review regularly handles matters related to planning, such as urban history, heritage protection and environmental enhancement issues. In each of these instances there is room for further international and comparative perspectives.

The fact that SHI Nan has been elected Vice President of ISOCARP with responsibility of publications and has co-edited the latest issue of ISOCARP Review - printed in China - will no-doubt entail new synergies between the respective publications of UPSC and ISOCARP and their international news and comments. May I warmly congratulate UPSC and its sponsors for the successful revival of CCPR and express my sincerest wishes for its further development.

Pierre LacontePresident, Foundation for the Urban Environment;Former President, International Society of City and Regional Planners

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