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Readers' Feedback: From ZOU Deci
Since its publication was resumed in 2006, the journal of CCPR...has been broadly recognized by the readers from both homeland and overseas for its rational configuration of columns and profound connotations of articles, as well as its opened views and discreet attitude. After restarting the subscription in 2007, the subscribers to CCPR has increased by nearly 15% each year, who come from all over the world, such as Switzerland in Europe, Canada in North America, and Venezuela in Latin America. Via an international language, CCPR introduces timely to the world the news achievements of practice and research of urban planning and construction in China, gradually becoming an important source for the foreign scholars, officials, and students in the field of urban planning and construction to understand Chinese cities and their urban planning and construction as well.

At the beginning of a new year, I would like to express my sincere appreciations to Urban Planning Society of China, Center for Human Settlements and School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute for their sustained support to CCPR, and my warm regards to the readers of the journal. I believe that in 2012, CCPR will make further progress to be an important academic platform for scholars from both China and abroad to discuss about the urban and rural development of China!

ZOU DeciChief Editor, China City Planning Review;Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering

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