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Readers' Feedback: From Klaus R. Kunzmann
..In its relatively short time of existence after the successful relaunch in 2006, CCPR has become a serious, reliable and much respected source of information on China. The well edited journal has become an indispensable for all those, who really wish to understand urban and regional development in the country. Even for those, who do not dare and intend to become experts of China’s urban transition and just explore and monitor the implications of China’s economic growth on cities and regions in Europe, the journal is a necessary reference, too. ...

As a regular reader of CCPR, I could imagine to further enrich the journal by: Regular references to official publications of the Chinese Government on urban and regional policies; A list of publications on books and key papers on urban and regional development in China in English, Spanish, German and other languages, selected and provided by correspondents abroad on a regular basis; Critical reviews of books written outside of China on urban and regional development in China, critically reviewed by Chinese scholars; Reports about ongoing research projects on China’s urban and regional development; Local reports from the vast Chinese urban laboratory, where innovative and exemplary approaches to urban and regional development are applied...

Klaus R. Kunzmann Dr. techn. Dipl.ing. HonDLitt (Newcastle), HonMRTPI;Professor Emeritus, School of Planning, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany

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