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New National Overall Land-use Plan to be Implemented
On Feb. 28, the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China released the Notification, which addressed that since Apr. 1, 2012, the land management will carry out the strictest institution based on the new round ofNational Overall Land-use Plan and new data base.

The new Outline of National Overall Land-use Plan (2006 - 2020) has been approved by the State Council already. Currently, the amendments of overall land-use plans at different levels have been finished by local governments, and most of them have been approved and implemented. One of the important contents of these plans is to protect the basic farmland. The Notification requires that the basic farmland shall be delimitated and protected based on the plans. The delimitation of basic farmland shall be completed within three months, after that, they shall be protected permanently, and cannot be altered or occupied by any units or individuals without approval. Another important content of the plans is to strengthen the control of the land-use plans. The Notification requires that construction projects, which are not in line with national industrial policies or land policies, cannot be allocated with planning indexes, thus cannot be approved for land resources.

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