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12th Five-year Plan of Northeast China Revitalization Approved by the State Council
On Mar. 18, the National Development and Reform Commission released the 12th Five-year Plan of Northeast China Revitalization, which has been approved by the State Council. The Plan puts forward development objectives of Northeast China during the 12th Five-year period, in terms of economy, society, people’s livelihoods, ecology, etc. It proposes that the urbanization rate of Northeast China will reach 60%, the added value of the tertiary industry will occupy 40% of the total, the integral food production capacity will reach 126 million tons, the forest coverage will reach 37.5%, the growth of the per capita disposable income of urban residents and the per capita net income of rural residents will be faster than the economic growth, and 7.5 million new jobs will be created in cities and towns, etc.

The Plan also clarifies the key tasks of Northeast China Revitalization during the 12th Five-year period. Firstly, the guarantee of national food security should be regarded as the primary goal, the development of modern agriculture should be strengthened, the living conditions of rural area should be improved, and a new prosperous and beautiful countryside should be constructed. Secondly, the modern industrial system should be completed, the traditional industry should be promoted and optimized, the strategic new industries should be cultivated rapidly, the service industry should be more developed, and the marine economy should be actively developed. Thirdly, the spatial layout of regional development should be optimized, so as to promote the aggregated development of industries, and based on the scientific and technological resources, as well as the talent resources, the regional capability of innovation should be increased. Fourthly, to promote the sustainable development of resource-based cities, the alternative and substitutable industries should be developed rapidly, so as to solve historical issues and establish the long-term effective mechanism for sustainable development. Fifthly, the infrastructure should be improved, to form relatively complete comprehensive transport system and energy system with diverse and clean energy sources. Sixthly, the protection and treatment of key ecological areas should be enhanced, such as forests, prairies, wetlands, and rivers, etc. The saving of resources and energies and the reduction of emissions should be further enhanced. Seventhly, measures should be taken to increase job opportunities, and the renovation of shanty towns and the construction of affordable housing should be accelerated. Eighthly, the reform of state-owned enterprises should be further deepened, the non-state economy should be further developed, and the reform of state-owned forest area and agricultural institution should be boosted. The level of opening up to the outside world should be promoted and the Northeast China should be constructed as an important hub of China, open to the Northeast Asia. 

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